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Meet The Squadron
​We've been the best of friends since the beginning!

Over the last 16 years we've had a strong team always keeping Cook's words close by:


Weir Cook Memorial Project,Inc.
A non-profit corporation dedicated exclusively to public education, service and memorial purposes.

~Our Mission~
To educate the public, especially youth, of roles of military heroes and aviation pioneers through public service, exhibits

and events.
Our group is made up of Veterans and Veteran advocates.

This project started in the small town of Wilkinson, Indiana at a town board meeting in the year 2000 that Christy Broady attended.

Christy was there to ask the Town Board members if she could give the small town park an official name,  asking them if any famous person was from our town? One man answered, "why yes, Col. H. Weir Cook". Looking surprised Christy replied, who?  

From that day forward it has became a quest and a project like no other; to find the answers to who and why Col. H. Weir Cook was famous.
Board Members  2017
President                                      Christy Broady
                                  Vice President                              Ron Wilson, Veteran                         
                     Secretary/Treasurer                    Angie Martin                         ​
Board Member                             Angela Tielking
             Board Member                             Brian O'Leary, Veteran
   ​      Board Member                             David Rose, Veteran
          Board Member                             Ralph Hand, Veteran​
          Board Member                             Kurt Vetters, Veteran
       Board Member                             Debra Cook Sweet
                        Board Advisor and WCMP Pilot  Anthony West                         

Our Accomplishments

2001- Accomplished
Restoration of Col. H. Weir Cook's home town park by adding a monument, landscaping and shelters along with play equipment

Public education through media and internet campaigns

Hoosier Heritage Portraits in the Indiana Governor's office

Restored Col. Cook's name back up at the Indianapolis International Airport by the airport placing his name on the terminal, naming a drive after him. We placed some rare memoribilia of Cook in displays at the airport

2009 - 2014
Fund raised & planned for the statue, helped other veteran/aviation charities

Bronze statue of Col. Cook placed in the Weir Cook Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

2016- Accomplished
Col. Cook was placed with honor in the Indiana Military Hall of Fame

Col. Cooks full scale Spad XIII is being built 

2017- *
Building Col. Cooks Legacy Museum & Veteran Center

* On going projects