Weir Cook Memorial Projects

Airplane build - Museum -Veteran Center

Weir Cook Memorial is working on two projects in 2017.

The airplane is Col. Weir Cooks WWI Spad XIII called White Lightning.  The plane was part of the "Showbirds" postwar time to be flown in Paris around 1919.

Showbirds came from the pilots trying to out do each other with their own unique theme.  In the picture which is an oil painting done by artist Micheal Backus who has featured many of the Showbirds, including Weir Cooks. Micheal's prints will be available in our store.

You can follow the airplane build here  or on Facebook .

Weir Cook Veteran Center & Museum is in the early stages as we are working to secure funding.  The concept is to give veterans a one stop place to find help with benifits, housing, family support and Service repersenitives. We want to provide a place  that they can trust, feel secure  and be surrounded by others who have walked in their boots. A place they can call home when they need to.
We want to welcome them and be supporitve as they need us to be. It will house many not for profits veteran organizations that can provide a one stop help.  All working for the same cause that being our veteran & active members of service.  Orgainzations have become thinner and we think that having them under one roof will benifit them with a family of support & also benifit the service member.