US-Pride Coffee, is a smooth, rich blend of the finest Arabica coffee beans-ground to perfection-that honors the determination and dedication of the men and women of our Armed Forces who serve with PRIDE. US-Pride Coffee is created with consistent quality that like our troops will never let you down!

US-Pride chose a coffee that reprsents the pride that is felt while helping our veterans. In fact, the coffee beans will be roasted by a Vietnam Veteran and sold to help and aid the Weir Cook Memorial in its most important project ever.....the Weir Cook Veteran Center.  

The purpose and benifits of the Weir Cook Veteran Center is to provide a streamline facility to provide back-end support, information, mission sharing, education and provide a mobile base for healthy, fun, family events that will build comraderie among all Veterans and organizations. It will also give veterans another resource to seek help for issues such as P.T.S.D., substance abuse, homelessness, employment, and transititioning - just to name a few.  Being mobile will allow us to go to the veterans in their community, bringing technology and resources that are focused on their needs.  Anytime you get collaboration among people and organizations, the community wins.

Over the past several years, Weir Cook Memorial has gathered numerous contacts and resources while working with many generations of veterans from across the country, assisting them in getting the resources they need and deserve..

Weir Cook Memorial will be taking precedence in seeing this vision become reality. US-Pride will donate an annual percentage to Weir Cook Memorial through coffee sales.


"We Stand Beside Our Veterans Never Behind"