Weir Cook Veteran Center
& Museum

Weir Cook Veteran Center & Museum is in the early stages as we are working to secure funding.  The concept is to give veterans a one stop place to find help with benefits, housing, family support, Service repersenitives.  

We want to provide a place that they can trust, feel secure and be surrounded by others who have walked in their boots.  A place they can call home when they need to.  We want to welcome them and be supporitve as they need us to be.

This center would house many veteran organizations that can provide help for veterans. Organizations would be working for the same cause that bring our veterans and active service members to one place.  

Orgainzations have become numerous and funding harder to find and we think that having them under one roof will benefit them with a family of support and also benefit the service member.
In the event we are unable to secure the necessary funds for the Weir Cook Veteran Center building, we have
decided upon an alternative solution that will still meet the needs to service veterans......

                                                      Weir Cook Veteran Center Mobile Unit